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Association Membership Joining the Country Inns of the Dartmouth – Lake Sunapee Region

Our Association is always looking to increase the number of Country Inns and Bed and Breakfasts in our group. Our basic philosophy is that we all work together to ensure visitors to our area are comfortable by staying at the “Best-suited” member. This may be determined by the amenities that the visitor is looking for, and also by the destination or reason they are visiting our area. Because we cover most of the Dartmouth – Lake Sunapee Region, we are able to get them close to any of the resorts, schools, or towns they are visiting. Our expectation is that a visitor who feels this group takes care of it’s guests will recommend us to their friends and family. We accomplish this set of goals by having a group room availability link, showing which of our members have rooms open for a visitor by date, and by an email network where our Innkeepers send to the group whether they have rooms available for the expected busy times. This allows any of our Innkeepers access to each other’s availability and make referrals based on location and rooms available to the many calls we take. Our group maintains this website with links to all our Association members. In addition, we publish a group rack card as needed. Because we only publish our brochure when we need more copies, joining members will have an additional fee to have our publisher modify the brochure as they join. This will allow us to have all members included at the next printing, without the normal reformatting delay.

Membership Rules
Membership is limited to owners/managers of bed & breakfasts, country inns, small resorts and historic hotels that are located in the Dartmouth – Lake Sunapee Region. Members must be a full-time licensed business that is subject to applicable local, county, state and federal regulations. Two or more guestrooms available for the exclusive use of the business. No more than two rooms sharing one bathroom. Property is not part of a chain lodging organization — in most cases, renovated motel properties are not eligible. Member management is committed to high standards of service, cleanliness, hospitality and ethical business practices. Members must meet all state and local regulations. These rules are also part of the New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast Association.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room.
Provide evidence of required permits and documentation.
Display high standards of housekeeping.
Be well maintained.

Joining Costs
Annual dues: $75
Addition to Web Site: $40 (one time fee)


If our group sounds like an association you would be interested in,

Contact Kate at or (603) 428-3198